other [rough] preview of a little part of my second submission to the artbook ;u;

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"You deserve to be saved."

deancas + 1 for Awya ♥♥ thanks for helping me with my other piece bb

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Frank Stella (American, b. 1936) / Hampton Roads (1961)

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so i made a thing

and i continued

"I Only Know of Entry-Level Anime:" the Photoset

Entry Level Anime? Is this like a job market? “I’m sorry, I can’t let you watch Monster, you didn’t even hand in your Death Note application. Do you even know your honorifics?”

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this is the BEST side pairing out of the entire show. we look back on Mickey and feel bad for him because the Doctor swept Rose off her feet and into time and space, leaving him in the dust. we look back on Martha and feel a bit sad because the Doctor broke her heart and proud that she moved on like the bamf! she is.

but we never knew if they ended up happy until this scene. they’re getting shot at and they’re teasing each other and they’re just so in love with each other

Mickey might not have been Rose’s Doctor, but Rose was never his Martha. Martha couldn’t be Rose, but the Doctor couldn’t be Mickey either.

they’re perfect for each other and they are so great together. ten bucks says Jack had something to do with hooking them up.

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there’s no place like h o m e

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